The #MeToo Movement Pt3- SMSL006

Part 3, of our #MeToo series, is a discussion between our hosts about what they have gathered from talking to women about the movement. Kyler states that his interview gave him an understanding of the issue that he could never have understood before. They agree that their conversations instilled that this problem is a cultural reckoning that has seeped into greater issues of power, morality and gender roles. Listen in as they break down what their guests agreed upon and how they saw the issue slightly differently.

One thought on “The #MeToo Movement Pt3- SMSL006

  1. Just wrapped up the 3 #meToo episodes. Great conversation. I did think it lacked another male’s perspective. The women did a great job talking about the issues and listing them out but without a greater perspective of “an average man” (Kyler is already in a different class as he goes into interviews with a greater sensibility, and a willingness to learn and change) it will be difficult to come up with concrete ideas on how to best move forward. Just my 2 cents.

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