After their pilot podcast, Jessica and Kyler are back to debate what ended up being in the 2017 Tax Bill.   The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was actually finalized in conference, passed through Congress, and signed by the President.  The siblings talk about what surprises were put in and left out.

The two also tease their next episode topic and what ticklish feelings it cause cause.

3 thoughts on “Taxes REHASH- SMSL003

  1. It took me awhile so please hang in there with this idea. Now that I have listened, I would like to say, yay, and good for you. Keep it up. Jessica, I like your voice. Kyler, you already know I respect your knowledge and attention.

    We are essentially asking you to pay attention when we become fatigued.

    I see nothing that helps a business as small as mine. And no real help for rural america.

    How does the child tax credit help someone who makes $15,000 a year?

    1. As we discussed half of income earners in this country don’t pay income tax. So you are correct that someone who earns that little as far as I understand will receive no benefit. This child tax break I think is more directed at the middle income earners. I am unsure of what tax breaks individual small businesses will receive based on this legislation. Maybe for some small businesses switching from personal income to an S-corp is best. Could help save in taxes. I am not a tax professional and do not know how his will help or hurt depending on people’s individual needs. – Kyler

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