Taxes and Death- SMSL002

For their pilot podcast Jessica and Kyler seek to find out what people think about the tax bill the Republicans are pushing through Congress.  The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that taxes are super confusing and no one really knows what is in the bill.  Jessica speaks with Kara Krasnoff, a California tax preparer, on the proposed changes to the tax code.  Kara describes these changes as drastic.  Then Kyler sits down with Grant Mattive, whose family operates a potato packing operation and farm. Together they mull over what the new tax bill would mean for business owners.  It seems that both parties are in agreement that the new plan will not improve our tax system or help middle class families. Take a listen.

One thought on “Taxes and Death- SMSL002

  1. I really enjoyed the forum and it was a great way of bringing out the grass roots thoughts and perspectives on various topics. Since taxes essentially pay for government services, a potential future topic could be “What services/purpose should the local, state, and federal governments provide?” I personally like the way that this Q&A forum brings out individual responses that don’t neatly fall into the bins of conservative, liberal, Republican or Democrat. Individual citizens shouldn’t have labels, leave the labels for the elected officials just so they know which side of the isle to sit on! Suggestion for future editions, shorten the length to 15-20 minutes digestible chunks.

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