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Government Shutdown recap -SMSL025

Kyler and Jessica discuss the anxieties and higher calling both their interviewees invoked when they spoke of their positions within the federal government.  Did the president learn anything about using these positions as bargaining chips in his border wall negotiation?  And will they have to talk about this all over again if he decides it is worth another shutdown?

I’m a member of the Coast Guard during the government shutdown -SMSL024

Jessica sits down with a friend who works for the coast guard.  He talks about life during the government shutdown and how missing a few paychecks affected him and his colleagues.  Together they debate whether using federal workers as a bargaining chip paid off politically for the leadership or just damaged the country’s faith in it.

I’m a federal worker in Colorado -SMSL023

The government is shut down, so Kyler talks with a friend in the parks service about her experience being a furloughed federal worker.  They explore how the shutdown is bigger than just the 800,000 not getting a paycheck.  And if there are any signs the government will reopen soon.